Best Free Audio Recorder Software Review

Best Free Audio Recorder Software Review

Working in the sound production house can get really challenging at times. When I was a newly appointed I made a big mistake. I lost the main file of the recording that we did and now the boss was asking for it. I remembered that a copy was present in my laptop but I was unable to get it.

I called my friend for a solution and he suggested me to use the free sound recorder. I was amazed by the technology, of this Best Free Audio Recorder and how it helped me to save my job that day. In case you are suffering from such situation here I have the complete review of the software that will help you understand how perfectly it works.

Free Sound Recorder

The Free Sound Recorder software allowed me to record and capture all types of sounds that were available on my computer. Within seconds I was able to record the sound from any platform like YouTube, streaming audios, broadcasts, and conferences.

The biggest attraction of the software was that it was easy to use and I quickly understood all the features that were available in the Best Free Audio Recorder.


Some of the interesting features that I can across in the Free Sound Recorder were.

  • It allowed me to capture and record all types of internal and external sounds. Even the minor sound waves were recorded
  • I was able to schedule the recording and leave the software
  • It allowed me to conduct the hand-free recording
  • There is a special editor in the software which I was able to enhance the quality of the sound that I recorded.
  • For the output of the recording, there was a simple 3 step procedure
  • For the efficient recording services, there were preset quality services available in the software
  • Best Free Audio Recorder allowed me to record music online


  • It has been equipped with automatic gain control that allowed me to adjust the volume while recording
  • I was able to identify all the voices clearly with the voice active system
  • There was a file list available that allowed me to manage all the recordings without creating a mess
  • For fast access to the files, there were hotkeys available that saved my time
  • There was a program window on the top that automatically named all the files
  • The software was secure and I was amazed that how quickly it was updated with the new features


  • There is a no drawback in the Best Free Audio Recorder

Final Verdict

It would not be wrong to say that it is the best free audio recorder with all the features and specifications that I ever wanted. The platform was easy to access and utilize. I have been using the software for months and it has not created a single issue. Make sure to download the software from authentic website to protect your device from fake software of the same name. Free Sound Recorder is highly recommended.

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