Best Video to MP3 Converters [Online and Offline]

Best Video to MP3 Converters [Online and Offline]

There are many reasons why you may need a free video to MP3 converter. You may need to play a specific video on a gadget that has constrained storage and there are needs to diminish the span of the file.

You should need to keep your whole video gathering in a similar format, yet have a couple of maverick sections botching up your framework. Or, then again you should need to change a video recorded in a bizarre format into something that is all the more effectively imparted to others.

Converting video to MP3 is no place close as perplexing an assignment as video altering, yet many individuals will be put off doing it in view of the mixed up conviction that a muddled and costly video editor is required. As a general rule, you can do it for nothing; here are the best on the web and Offline programming you can utilize.

Free Online Audio Extractor:

Free Online Audio Extractor is as we can see by its name is free online software to convert video to MP3 and here some of the most excellent features of the software:


  • Extract the audio from all video formats including MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, DVD, HD, MOV, H.264, VOB, Xvid, TS, SWF, WebM etc.
  • Transform the videos to audio in seconds.
  • Processes quickly, and does not require installation.
  • Adjust the bitrate, channels, and sample rate of audio.
  • Upload the files from your PC or from Remote Server to convert them to audio.


VLC is likely a standout amongst the most prominent media player for the Windows and different platforms. VLC media player is accessible for Mac as well as Linux, and there is even an Android adaptation accessible. This software can play from any source as well as it underpins the extensive variety of video and audio formats.

VLC has a broad exhibit of highlights accessible, and among one of those highlights is the capacity to remove audio from video.

Free Video to Audio Converter for Windows:

In case you’re searching for a product specific for separating audio file from video, you should need to think about Free Video to Audio converter. This software accompanies basic and present-day UI so you be able to undoubtedly get to every single fundamental element.


Free Video to Audio Converter



This software can enable you to separate audio from a video file. Audacity is an entirely free audio editor accessible on all real PC stages. This software can deal with various chronicle and playback gadgets, and there’re additionally level the meters so that you can without much of a stretch monitor the volume levels. Notwithstanding utilizing different information sources, you could record PC playback too. You could even name over existing audio files keeping in mind the end goal to make multi-track chronicles.


Movavi is a video to MP3 converter, however it likewise enables you to remove audio from video file. Movavi has a smooth UI and all choices are arranged into window tabs and effectively available. You can without much of stretch process the audio and video files, yet you can convert DVD circles or pictures too. There’s help for above 30 diverse video formats, 15 picture formats and 15 audio formats. Notwithstanding different file formats, you can enhance the file for extensive variety of gadgets including tablets, cell phones and laptops.

Pazera Free Audio Extractor:

In case you’re searching for a particular tool to extract audio you ought to think about Pazera Free Audio Extractor. Pazera offers a straightforward UI that enables you to effortlessly oversee videos that you need to utilize. The application underpins 11 distinctive audio file formats as well as you can modify the bitrate, the number of channels and sampling frequency. If necessary, you can likewise alter the volume level for output file.

Pazera Free Audio Extractor likewise enables you to choose the variation that you need to remove as audio, however it expects you to enter starting time and ending time manually.

AoA Audio Extractor:

Another application particular for audio extraction is AoA Audio Extractor. The application has an easy to utilize interface so you can without much of a stretch concentrate audio from any video. With respect to upheld video formats, the application underpins around 10 diverse file sorts which ought to be sufficient for essential clients.

With respect to formats, the application can convert video to MP3, WAV or AC3 format. Notwithstanding format, you can without much of a stretch change the audio bitrate, audio test rate and number of channels. If necessary, you can likewise determine a custom yield way. The application bolsters clump preparing, yet you’re constrained to three files in the Free form.

AVS Audio Converter:

Well known software that can enable you to convert video to MP3 is AVS Audio Converter. The audio converter works with MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, OGG, MP2, AMR, FLAC, and other sort of audio files. Notwithstanding audio, the application additionally works with video files as well as it enables you to extricate audio from them. AVS audio converter bolsters around 40 distinct formats, so you’ll have the capacity to open any video using this application.

Oxelon Media Converter:

In case you’re searching for an oversimplified video to MP3 converter, you may be keen on this tool. Oxelon can utilize something like four strings so it influences the full utilization of multi-to center processors. To influence the transformation to process less difficult, the application offers full combination with File Explorer. This implies you can convert any file essentially by right-clicking it and picking the coveted change alternative from the menu. On account of this component you can convert any sight and sound file with only three ticks.


Another application that can enable you to convert video to MP3 is DVDx. The application enables you to convert video DVDs to advanced format. Notwithstanding DVD tearing, you can likewise convert your DVD to ISO. With respect to DVD tearing, the application bolsters an extensive variety of formats including AVI, MP4, MOV, H.264, and others.

Separating audio from video files is generally basic, and there are numerous applications that can help you with that. We demonstrated to you a portion of the best tools for this reason, so don’t hesitate to attempt any of them.

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