Tips to Capture Video to Make Awesome Video Tutorials

Tips to Capture Video to Make Awesome Video Tutorials

Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge with others? Do you have some service of products to promote and you need to show people how to use them? Or you may need a nice demo video to put on YouTube to draw traffic to your website? If yes, then creating high-quality video tutorial is a cost-effective way. But notice this: a lame video clip can do the opposite of what you expect from it. How can you make sure that the video tutorial you make is polished and attractive? Here we’ll show you some tips and tricks to create video tutorials that really helps with what you are up to.

Chose the Right Topic for Video Tutorial

We have to admit that not all topics are suitable for making a video tutorial, especially those subjective and abstract ones like “how to hire a personal trainer” and “how to promote your online store”. So you need to choose a topic that can be well expressed in a video, with more stunning visual elements involved.

Make it Short

No one wants to sit there for over 5 minutes to figure out how to do something unless they have to. It is not wise to add long description in your video – remember that you are not making a movie. Do yourself even want to watch your video? If your video tutorial includes so many content that you can’t shorten it, try to break it into several parts for your viewers.

Keep it Simple

Do not show off your language skills here. Use spoken language, that means simple words and shorter sentences that everybody can understand and let them focus on your visual content.

Hire a Pro Voice

Mostly you’ll find that your voice does not meets your requirement in a video tutorial – it sounds so amateur and boring. So, if you need, do some investment in voice from a pro, which will bring your video to another level.

Ensure Quality of Image and Audio

Blurry image and distorted can kill all the interest instantly. Make sure you use the video footage, graphics and audio in good quality. If necessary, purchase some good stock photos and equipment like a mic.

Choose a Good Piece of Video Capture Software

You can’t record your screen or record from your webcam without a video capture software. But hey, do not spend a penny on it because what you get here is a completely free solution – free video capture software that can do even better than others.

Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free is able to capture screen as well as record from webcam to make video tutorial. You can use it to record your video while recording the audio synchronously. You can add both text and image overlays to your video. It also allows you to crop, rotate, flip the video and do many other adjustments, which saves you much trouble when you need to use your video editor software for post-production. Download it now to create your video tutorial masterpiece!

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