Top 10 Affordable and Easy Website Builders

Top 10 Affordable and Easy Website Builders

Website builders are one of the best tools for people that want to create their own website in an affordable and convenient way. Photographers, teachers, small business men, trainers, etc. are every day creating their website for a low cost and, most importantly, by their own in a simple way.

Before the appearance of website builders, people had to have knowledge of coding and programming in order to create a website.  For those who didn’t know, they had to hire a professional programmer to make the website for them, which can cost thousands of dollars without including posterior updates and modifications.

However, website builders are making that change to the point where people don’t even have to know about coding or programming. Just by downloading them and reading the steps-by-steps you will have your own website.

In this article, are going to be mentioned the top 10 most affordable and easy-to-use website builders for novices. Going from the worst (10) to the best (1) and basing on the price, usability, and convenience. There are more professional reviews on to help you to decide which website builder to turn to.

  1. is the first on the list because is one of the oldest website builders out there and one of the most promoted as well. Despite has thousands of templates, they are all forgotten in the past.

There are no updates in the templates, so they look all old fashioned. The billing system is also lacking, in fact, is one of the most expensive website builders out there costing 22$ a month.

Another downside is that once you get a plan is a little of a problem to cancel it (you have to call for canceling). However, is one of the oldest in the industry of website building which, can be said, is one of the precursors of this industry.

  1. Webs

Webs have a similar problem like has, it has hundreds of templates, however, the majority of them look outdated and old fashioned. The photography options are not the best, which means is not a great option for designers and photographers.

On the other hand, it is an easy-to-use website builder that can be used by everyone. Webs also give you a free domain name and several e-mail accounts.

The pricing is pretty decent with a cost of 13$ per month (the standard price). If you want the full package (with e-commerce options), you will have to pay 23$ a month.

  1. Yola

 Yola doesn’t have as many template options as and Webs; in fact, it has around 200 templates to offer. The templates are not that beautiful and look just as outdated and old fashioned as the website builders above.

The e-commerce option is 10$ a month and for every e-mail account, you have to pay 10$ (a strategy used for many website builders). Even though is easy-to-use, is very limited, it doesn’t allow you to do many things.

For example, if you want to change something in your current page, you have to start all over a re-design it.

  1. Jimbo

Jimbo is the type of website builder that has very few good things; it could be good if it had more options. It only has 17 template themes; however, they are all beautiful and look very professional.

The uptime speed is actually pretty good and, the usability is good for simple tasks, it has, in general, a pretty good performance. The price is 7.50$ a month (pretty affordable), though, unlimited e-commerce options are 20$ a month.

  1. Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a pretty average website builder; it has around 300 templates or “themes” as they call them. The designs are very decent and have good personalization features; it is a company with a lot of user throughout the world.

The price is also really attractive for potential customers, you can get it for 1$ a month which is a good recommendation for novices if you want to try website builders. A downside of Go Daddy is that has poor support and it lacks additional features.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is a good website builder for most people; it has several different package options. You can get it for as cheap as 4$ a month, 8$ a month (Pro version) and 25$ a month (Business version).

The templates and performance are good and, most importantly, it is easy-to-use for everyone. It also offers several additional features that can be useful for many people.

The only downside of Weebly is its price, in order to get all the benefits and e-commerce options you have to pay 25$ a month.

  1. BoldGrid

The best characteristic of BoldGrid is that it is pretty easy-to-use and it doesn’t require too much effort to master its usage. It basically runs on WordPress and, as the website builder with most templates (over 3,000) that are actually good looking.

Besides the vast number of templates, the price is one of the cheapest as well, it cost 4.17$ a month. You get a free domain; have e-commerce options and the ability to do almost whatever you want with it.

BoldGrid is, without a doubt a must-have website builder.

  1. SquareSpace

SquareSpace is probably the best website builder for photographers, artist, musicians, etc. Its templates and themes look very professional and beautiful, that require a lot of photography work to be optimized.

It is on average easy-to-use but it requires a little bit of effort to master it. The cost is 18$ a month with all the benefits, including e-commerce, blog creation, etc.

For any extra e-mail, you have to pay 5$ extra, other than that, the uptime and loading times are pretty good.

  1. SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is the cheapest website builder with a price of 4.99$ a month for the standard version, the “business” versions start up with 17.95$ a month.

It has around 1200 templates from which you can select that besides beautiful and elegant are very customizable. You also get a free domain and one e-mail account.

The downside of SiteBuilder is that the activation time is large, sometimes taking up to 3 hours to activate your account. It is a good option if you want to get something easy-to-use, convenient and cheap.

  1. Wix

On the top of our list, we have Wix; this is the easiest website builder of them all which makes it the great option for beginners. Besides being user-friendly, it is pretty fast and highly customizable.

Wix has over 300 templates that are beautiful in design; it is the best option for small businesses, beginners and people who want to implement e-commerce.

Its customer service is very competitive having a 24/7 service. Even though the cost is 17.70$ (for e-commerce options) is very convenient if you really care about your business.

Last but not least, Wix is probably one of the few website builders in being mobile-friendly and that has app options for smartphones. It also has to be mentioned that Wix is the most popular website builder company in the world.


Website Builders are changing the way on how people make business and promote their image or business. Depending on your necessities, your style, and your profession, you can decide which one suits you better.

Our top 3 website builders are definitely a must-have; however, there are options (on the list) that might work you just fine.










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