Types of Top Banking Software

Types of Top Banking Software

Technology is taking over every field of life and banking is not behind as well. Apart from the development of many applications regarding the online transaction of money, there have been many banking software introduced.

However, the selection of free software download is hard because there is much software available in the market. As a bank officer, I was dealing with the same circumstances once when I had to select the best software for the organization. So conducted a proper research and came up with the following best free software download for the banks.

1-Canopus EpaySuite

It is one of the most advanced and technological banking software that I can across. It helped my organization to streamline and automate the operations of the payment services. The software is very easy to use and understand. I found it to be the best solution for the banking organization because of the following features:

  • Management of compliance and ATM
  • Services of credit union
  • Online and retail banking
  • Offshore and lending management
  • Multi-branch optimization



This software has been designed to manage all types of the branches of banks whether they are in the same place or offshore. The best thing that I found in Corniche is that it is perfect for managing the small and large banking firms. It has been developed with the following specifications:

  • It helps me to manage the core banking
  • It allowed me to deal with the brokerage and credit union
  • The free software download was the best for transaction management
  • It is perfect for the online, retail and offshore banking

3-CoBIS Microfinance Software

This free software download helps in the management of the client’s accounts and the cash that the bank has to deal with. I found that it has been developed with such codes and algorithms that helped in the development of more than 90 banking reports. It is perfect for the online, retail and the offshore banking as well as you can manage the credit union and risk management.



This is the best banking software that I came across. It proved to be one of the most user-friendly banking application for my organization. It is perfect for the customer and the administrations of the bank. The free software download proved to be the best for the small and medium size banks.


Bottom line

I can understand that it is hard for you to select one software that will be perfect for the bank. However, use the same approach that I utilized. I checked the features of all the software and compared with the services that I required for my bank.

It made it easier for me to select the best free software download because I utilized the one that meets the management demands of the bank. It helped to enhance the productivity and the clients were satisfied with the services that we were providing them. So taking the best decision is very important.

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